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Rats are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals to humans in terms of disease transmission. Rats can spread a wide range of diseases including bubonic plague, typhus, and leptospirosis. These diseases can be transferred to humans through direct contact with infected rats or indirectly through fleas that have jumped from an infected rat onto a human host. Rats can also contaminate food sources, leading to food poisoning and other health issues. Additionally, rats may cause structural damage to buildings by chewing through wiring or plumbing fixtures. All of these factors make rats a major threat to public health and safety. It is important for people to take measures to prevent infestations in their homes and businesses, as well as understand how such infestations can be managed if they occur. By understanding the risks associated with rats and taking preventative measures, people can reduce their chances of being exposed to potentially dangerous diseases and other health concerns.

Furthermore, rats are also a nuisance to our everyday lives because of their nocturnal habits. They may cause disruption in our homes by making loud noises while running around or gnawing through wood and insulation during the night. This can lead to extreme levels of stress for people who are trying to sleep or concentrate on tasks that require focus. In addition to this, rat urine and droppings have been linked with an unpleasant odor that is difficult to remove from furniture and carpets once it has dried

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