St Augustine Rodent Control

We implement interior & exterior measures in our St Augustine rodent control program to eliminate entry into your home as well as trap rodents that remain in your home. Rodents come in all sizes, shapes and abilities. Under the rodent classification there are Rats, Mice and Squirrels. All rodents are technically nocturnal, meaning they are more active at night. Squirrels are kind of the exception as they are semi-active during the day time. Rodents will access your home during all seasons but will use your home for shelter. During the night they leave to find food and water and return during the day to rest. Rodents have amazing abilities such as, being able to jump 3 feet, climb almost any surface and can sit into anything as small as a quarter (even the large rats!). Also, rodents carry many diseases that have effected people for centuries.

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Here is a list of diseases associated with rodents. There are several ways to remove rodents from your home. Based off of our inspection, we will identify your specific rodent species and know what are the best treatment measures for your home. Once we remove the rodents from your home we will begin the sanitization process. This is an important step to insure these diseases are eliminated so they do not effect you and your family long term.

St Augustine Rodent Control Program

These are some of the steps we can take to keep your home rodent free:

  • A thorough inspection is performed to identify the species, where they’re nesting, how they are getting in your home and what factors are attracting them.
  • Creating effective sanitation so that rodents are denied both food and hiding places.
  • Eliminating all current and potential entry points.
  • Reducing the population by applying poison, bait, and traps.
  • Eliminating food sources so they are attracted to only our products.
  • and more.
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