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Bed bugs in your home can happen in several ways:

  1. Hitchhiking: Bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers and can easily latch onto your clothes, luggage, or other belongings when you're in an infested area, such as a hotel, hostel, or public transportation.
  2. Secondhand furniture: Used furniture, such as mattresses, couches, or chairs, can also harbor bedbugs. If you bring secondhand furniture into your home, inspect it carefully for signs of bedbugs before bringing it inside.
  3. Visitors: Visitors to your home who have bedbugs in their own homes can also bring the pests with them in their luggage, clothing, or other belongings.
  4. Infested items: Bedbugs can also infest items such as clothing, bedding, or stuffed animals. If you bring an infested item into your home, the bedbugs can easily spread to other areas.
  5. Shared walls: Bedbugs can crawl through tiny cracks in walls and floors, allowing them to move from one apartment or room to another.

How to stop bed bugs in your home? It's important to note that bedbugs are not a sign of poor hygiene and can infest even the cleanest of homes. If you suspect a bedbug infestation, it's important to contact a pest control professional to help you identify and eliminate the problem.

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